Friday, March 29, 2013

[UPDATED] How to perform a DDoS attack with Android device?

Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS), is an attack where multiple compromized systems are used to target a site and shut it down by flooding it. To do so, attackers are using special programs on PC.
But you can also perform an attack with your Android device as well! It's easy.

You need:

No root is needed.

How to perform an attack:

  • Open the Terminal Emulator
  • Type  ping
Now you're DDoSing the AndroidHackz! Basically, the command ping is not used to these "currish" things but teoretically you're flooding the server.

As you probably see now, the ping command and "flooding" the site has stopped after a few requests.
It's because it is set like that. To change it, type ping  --? and see what happens.

You can set interval, package size and count request.

Let's say you want to attack our site.
To do so, type -

ping -c 200 -i 100 -s 500

What does that mean?

  • -C 200 = You will send 200 requests
  • -I 100 = The interval will be 100ms
  • -S 500 = "-S" means package size
Please note, if you're up to shut-down a site, you need a way more attackers - you're not capable to shut down it on your own.

Note also this "guide" is only for educational purposes only. Attacking foreign site may be illegal in various countries so if you're about to flood a site - try your first.


Recently, new app on Android Market has been added - LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon)

LOIC is well known DDoSing tool for PC (also with HOIC). This app is much more powerfull than ping. It can attack with more than 20 threads at once!
Even famous group Anonymous uses this program as their primary attacking weapon!

LOIC - Low Orbit Ion Cannon - screenshot thumbnailLOIC - Low Orbit Ion Cannon - screenshot thumbnailLOIC - Low Orbit Ion Cannon - screenshot thumbnail

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