Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to hack games? +Download

Wanna cheat some games? No problem!
Here's the application called GameGuardian = It works like the CheatEngine for PC. Just type the value, change it (buy something), type there again, and change it to your own value :)


  • Open the GameGuardian, then open the game you want to hack.
  • The Guardian will run on the background, you can see the icon in the middle of your display.
  • Tap the icon = Then tap the "search" button.
  • Set the real value of something that you want to hack. (For example: you have 5$ and you want to change it to 999999$ = Type "5" there).
  • The Guardian will search for values with number "5". After search, change the value again and type it to "search" area. [Spend 1$, that means your current is 4$ = type this value in  the"search" box.] (This will filter your values. If you can see only 1-3 values, just skip this part)
  • After filtering, just change the value. [Long press the value, then type your own value (99999)].
  • The money (or something that you hacked) needs to refresh = buy something (You can see that your money is 4$, buy something expensive to refresh the value)



Game Guardian also supports the speed-hack. How to activate this feature? Just long press the GameGuardian icon and change the speed via arrows. [This feature may not work on newer Android versions]


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