Monday, March 11, 2013

[APP] Boost your sound with AwesomeBeats!

A man known as ...Awesome... just developed an awesome app that boosts your sound quality.
It works like the DSP Manager in CyanogenMod.
This app should work on all AOSP, AOKP and CyanogenMod ROM's.
How to install it?
You'll need the busybox and terminal emulator first.

There are two versions: FREE and PAID.

How-to install?

  • Install the version you want
  • Flash the .zip (via CWM or whathever recovery you want...)..
  • In flashing options, choose the icon you want ^_^
  • After flash, open the terminal emulator. 
  • Type there:       
mount -o remount,rw /system
mount -o remount,ro /system

And you're done :)

Btw: I can feel the difference, the sound has the same bass as it had with DSP manager but the whole sound is more "cleaner". Tried with BeatsTour :P

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