Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ubuntu for phones - What to expect?

Ubuntu - one of the most popular linux-OS in the world - now for Android.
It can be applied on ANY multi-core device [Galaxy Nexus, Nexus-4, Galaxy S2/3..]...
And the resolution of the device must be at least 480x800.

Some pictures running the Ubuntu for phones:
Ubuntu for phonesUbuntu for phonesUbuntu for phones

...But, It maybe won't be so perfect, this OS WILL NOT have own playstore, and there will be only a few stock applications:

Fast, secure web browsing     - chromium web browser

Online calendar sharing    - Google calendar

Collaborative documents in the cloud     -  Google docs

Simple, efficient email   - E-mail client

Facebook and Twitter integration   - GWibber 

Play movies in all common formats     - VLC player

Edit and share your movies  - PiTiVi

Plays all common music files- Ubuntu music player

Save and edit all your photos  - Ubuntu photo gallery

Make calls direct from the desktop - Android dialer

However, Ubuntu and Android share the same kernel. When docked, the Ubuntu OS boots and runs concurrently with Android. This allows both mobile and desktop functionality to co-exist in different runtimes.
Watch the video for more info:

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