Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to turn your Android phone into the iPhone?

By the end of the weekend, some of you may be bored with your current ROM.
What about iOS? Let's dupe your stupid friends! In fact, you will be on Android, It's just the MIUI Rom
[Official website:], but it really looks like the iOs.
The whole MIUI doesn't look like the iPhone system, but you can apply THEMES here.
Some of them are really cool :)
The MIUI ROM is one of the best ROMs, It can be used as a daily driver.
Watch the video:

ROM Download:

When installed, create a Xiaomi account,  and you can download themes at your opinion :-)

This is how it looks with iOs theme applied [This is older version of MIUI, currently it's 3.1.25]

Enjoy the MIUI!


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