Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to fast charge your device?

Speed up your charge-time!
And how to do that?

You need:
The kernel that supports the fast-charge feature, (I'm using the matr1x kernel)
Root access, of course
NStools [FREE] (

In Nstools just mark the Fast-charge.
It's not only the fast-charge app, you can overclock/undervolt your device, set the backlight notification, LED timeout etc...

I just wanted to make a little test, here are the results

My battery before testing:   64%
Charging without turning on the feature (10Min.):  69%     (5% charged in 10 minutes)
Charging with fast-charger enabled (10min.):  76%           (7% charged in 10 minutes)

It works. :)

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