Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to solve the "status 7" error?

"my phone gives status7 installation aborted when i'm upgrading the system"


Status 7 mostly appears in ClockWorkMod recovery. This status means, that upgrade of your system cannot be done because your system is modificated. Modificated means, you just flashed some improvement or just anything that could modify your system.
Remember flashing the .zip file? No? Well, it may not be caused only by your modyfied system. There are lots of things causing the problem. But what's the solution, then?


Fixes are simple but take some time to do.

  1. If you flashed any .ZIP's, revert back to clean, stock system.
  2. Delete /system. Then flash the whole system, not only the update.
  3. Use another recovery. (TWRP)
  4. Try wiping your data in CWM Recovery.

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