Thursday, March 29, 2012

How is possible that SG ace users can play GTA3 on their devices?

Have you ever wondered about that samsung galaxy ace or SG mini can play these challenging games like GTA3 or avatar without any lags? The answer is here: Chainfire 3D. The program, which you can control GPU (openGL) . Chainfire3D is an intermediary OpenGL driver.  It means that Chainfire3D sits between your apps and the graphics drivers, and can intercept and/or change commands between the two.Chainfire3D has been tested on:
- Samsung Galaxy S
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7"
- Samsung Galaxy S II                                      ROOT IS NEEDED!
- Samsung Galaxy Note
- Samsung Epic 4G
- Motorola Atrix 4G
- Motorola Droid 2
- LG Optimus 2X
- Google Nexus S

[root] Chainfire3D

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