Friday, October 25, 2013

Enable secret CSC options on TouchWiz ROMs

Did you know some Galaxy devices running on TouchWiz ROMs has some secret CSC features? No?
Let's have a look at them. Feature such as Camera sound shutter switcher, 100 speed-dial codes, exit menu to browser and much more have never been easier to set!

Firstly, get a Root Browser. It can be any browser you got but I personally use this one.
You need to get to the secret code list. To do so, simply navigate to:
There you'll find several XML files. Find feature.xml or others.xml and open it via text editor.


To start editing the lines, find the <FeatureSet>.  You can add scripts between this elements: <featureSet> and </featureSet>.


I won't "talk" any further. Just add the code and reboot your device. Don't forget to backup your ROM in case something goes wrong.

100 speed dial shortcuts:


Add exit menu to browser:


Turn camera shutter sound on/off  (true/false):


Enable stock browser to load sites in desktop mode:


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