Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to bypass lockscreen on Galaxy devices?

Samsung's got a problem. It's a bug that can cause really big problems. This bug appears on every Galaxy device running TouchWiz v.5.0.(S2,S2P,S3,Note2..)
You can bypass the lockscreen using this bug with only 4 easy steps! No matter if the phone is proceted by a code, gesture or something else.
How to do it?

  1. Turn on the display
  2. Tap on emergency all
  3. Call non-emergency number or select emergency contacts option
  4. Push the home button
In this time the desktop appears on a few miliseconds. In this time you are able to do anything with the phone:

  • Double-tap the home button to launch the S-Voice - You are now able to open app, call someone, just do anything you want.
  • Completely turn off the lockscreen!
How to turn off the lockscreen? It's a piece of cake again but you need some more time and "fast hands".

  1. Perform the bug to get access to the lockscreen 
  2. Open the Google Play somehow - Using the S-Voice or by repeatedly reproducing the bug to launch the app.
  3. By reproducing the bug type "No Lock" and install THIS app.
  4. Disable the lockscreen.
  5. You're done!

Note: I am not responsible for any dispute or abuse of personal privacy, use it at your own risk.

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